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60 Second Soulution Workout®

Sherry Gideons- Action SOULutions International and the Queen of The 1 Minute Trainer. *Celebrity* Fitness Personal Trainer, Fitness Expert, retired Professional Figure Bodybuilder, model, SOUL Success Coach, Speaker, Life Mastery Coach, and Motivator helping to bring out the Greatness in people, and inspiring them to live extraordinary lives.

Sherry’s professionalism, knowledge and techniques have earned her a solid reputation that is second to none during her 27 years of training both celebrities and non-celebrities alike. This Burst training Program was created in response to thousands of men and women around the world asking Sherry how to get fabulously fit fast on their busy schedules as Moms, Dads, business people, parents, and students. With a mission to help people get real results for real people, and move past the excuses of daily living Sherry broke her understanding of the benefits of burst training down into doable 60 Second fitness routines for a time-strapped world.

Sherry has been quoted, featured, profiled or has appeared in dozen of media venue’s as a fitness expert on health and holistic healing.

We created 60SecondSoulutionWorkout® to help you break free of your excuses mindset and transform your body anytime, anywhere in 30 – 60 seconds. It may seem too good to be true, but if time is your struggle these quick and easy no more excuses moves will slim thighs, melt saddlebags, and strengthen your core. The 60-second exercise is a workout designed for individuals who find it difficult to find time to exercise and will help fit fitness into your daily schedule. This workout can be performed just about anywhere. A program for every health level Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced.

All you need to do is perform movements at an intensity that results in an immediate increase in your heart rate and creates oxygen debt. 60SecondSoulutionWorkout® is the #1 No More Excuses Exercise Program in the world. We know you can give yourself 60 seconds! Transform your Body & Health in just seconds at a time. So why wait?
—Sherry Gideons, 60 Second Soulution Workout Creator

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Sherry Gideons

The #1 No More Excuses Exercise Program in the world.
60 Second Soulution Revolution

Are You Ready To Eliminate Your Not Enough Time Exercise Excuses?
Are You Ready To Finally Get in Shape and Get The Body & Health of Your Dreams in Powerful 60 Second Soulution Workout Intervals in just seconds at a time, Finally Make a Commitment, and Get Twice the Results in Half the Time?…

Discover The Amazing Benefits of Burst training That Burns fat and Builds Lean Muscle 2x faster Then Traditional Workouts

STOP Doing Long-Slow-Duration Cardio Routines And Hour Long Weight Training Workouts When You Could Be Seeing Twice The RESULTS In Half The Time With Burst Training!

Spare yourself the thought of another hour or day pumping iron.
There are other things to do. Plus, there’s a better way to get results.
Using only your body-weight and a set of light dumbbells,
60 Second Soulution Workout offers a dynamic new training protocol
that let’s you transform your body in less time.

  • 3 programs – something for every health level!
  • No time? No problem! Quick, easy short workouts that get RESULTS!
  • No equipment or expensive gym memberships needed – Body Weight Only!!
  • Workout from the comfort of your own home in just seconds per day!
  • Available in Download (super versatile)

Benefits of Burst Training over Traditional Workouts…

“So what exactly is “burst training?”

Burst training is simply a method of exercising for short durations with high intensity followed by brief recovery periods. The idea is to create an oxygen debt, get fast twitch muscle contraction, and activate the adrenal system for a hormonal boost. This can be accomplished with both resistance and cardiovascular workouts.

Research has shown that this type of training to be the most effective means for creating a hormonal response (primarily from growth hormone, IGF-1, and testosterone) which are powerful fat burning and muscle building hormones.

  • Melts bodyfat by burning TWICE as many calories in half the time of long-slow-duration cardio workouts and traditional weight training, and burns fat while you sleep!
  • Increases your metabolism by creating an adrenal, thyroid, and growth hormone response that NO other workout routine can come close to, which helps slow down the aging process
  • Increases your oxygen debt which enables you to burn more fat and calories when you’re at rest and not exercising, and Provides a natural Energy Rush which allows you to sleep like a baby at night…waking up refreshed and renewed every single morning.
  • Builds Lean Muscle faster that helps burn fat for a trim, toned physique with definition and cuts.
  • Increases Your Ability to handle Stress, increases testosterone (yes, women need adequate levels of testosterone too).
  • Increases HDL, decreases LDL & triglycerides


“I lost over 25 lbs and 12% bodyfat with the help of Sherry Gideons and 60 Second Soulution Revolution.”
” Having the motivation and accountability has been one of the keys to my success. What’s 60 Second workout? It’s amazing how this works! My trainer Sherry Gideons always had my workout progression down and she knew just when to increase intensity so I would keep seeing results. When I started I was out of shape, had the desire to exercise, but no energy, and was ready to finally make the commitment to no more excuses.”
Stacy Meagher – Yuba City, CA

“I Absolutely Love The Workouts And The Easy High Energy. 60 Second Burst Routines are easy and Simple.” “I Lost 20 Pounds.”
The 60 Second workouts are fast and extremely effective. They work great especially if you have a busy lifestyle like me and don’t always have time to spend an hour or more in a gym. Sherry is extremely knowledgeable love to help people improve their lives.”
Judy Snider – Chico, CA

If you’re not satisfied with the results from your current fitness routine, the next few minutes you spend reading this can change the way you look at “working out” forever.
The 60 Second Soulution Workout specializes in an exercise routine called “Burst training” to deliver our clients a body transformation with workouts that are a combination of 60 second soulution exercises that take 4 – 8 Minutes a day…up to 12 minutes per week.
I’m going to share with you specifically what “Burst training” consists of and why it’s the most effective exercise routine I’ve found for changing your shape.

No Other fitness routine can hold a candle to the rapid results and fat burning effectiveness of burst training workouts…
Imagine never having to waste time doing 45-60 minute or more boring cardio or weight training workouts ever again.
You know the routine -you put in all that work, grinding it out day after day but your body never really looks any different. Sure you may feel better and maintain, but you’re probably not seeing significant changes in your body.
If you’re looking for a workout that delivers real results then burst training is going to be right up your alley.
Scientists have found that 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy interval training repeated 10 times can be in many ways as effective as a longer continuous moderate exercise routine.

The problem with traditional health club workouts with machines…
When you’re working out with machines in the health club although you’re burning calories and working your muscles (great for maintenance) you’re NOT creating the right hormonal responses for fat loss and real lean muscle development.
That’s the missing link and why most people never experience the body transformation they’re looking for with traditional workouts. Going from machine to machine during sets of 8-15 reps with rest between each set just won’t get it done.
If you’re not getting out of breath with your current weight training routine you’re missing out.
Burst training principals are smashing the theories by a lot of the so called “experts” who believe that aerobic exercise, long distance cardio, and moderate intensity weight training is the key to weight loss and optimal health.

Burst Training Workout Example…

Now, you want to perform each “Burst” by following the routine below and repeat it 3 times.

30 – 60 seconds of high intensity Burst movement
60 seconds up to 2 minutes of recovery/rest or low intensity movement
30 – 60 seconds of high intensity BURST movement
60 seconds up to 2 minutes of recovery/rest or low intensity movement
30-60 seconds of high intensity BURST movement

You can take 60 seconds or up to 2 minutes of recovery or low intensity movement whether you do 10, 15, 30 or 60 seconds depends on your body and conditioning level. The key point: you must use maximum effort for EVERY SECOND of the burst. If you can only handle 10 seconds, then only surge for 10 seconds. But each second is your maximum effort!

The THREE Dynamic Workouts in the 60 Second Soulution Workout Bodyweight Blast Jump Start Workout:
– Warming up marches to reduce your injury rate
– Beginner – For those with a lot of weight to lose, or just getting started
– Intermediate – This is where MOST people should start
– Advanced – This is the next level workout
– Abs – Get that FLAT stomach and tight core!
– After Workout Biomechanical Stretches

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