One of the biggest obstacles to weight release is bad eating habits. We get used to certain ways of doing things, including eating. Many people use the excuse of saving time to eat foods that are not healthy for them. Often there are calories, and flavor, but little if any nourishment. Our bodies need certain nutrients to function at our best. Yet we often get fast food or prepackaged foods that lack the nutrient content, but are packed with calories that are often stored as fat.

Convenience is the one of the reasons that we sacrifice quality and substance. Cost is another. Did you ever look at grocery stores and the way that they lay things out? Many of the products in prime locations, and the ones that bring high profit, and low nutrition. People with limited incomes often are forced to buy quantity over quality.

Advertisers program consumers to buy their products, many which are literally addictive, filled with sugar, sodium and preservatives. There is a lot of psychology that goes into advertising. Unfortunately, the consumers usually are unaware how they are manipulated to develop poor eating habits. If you are not conscious of this and your choices, you mindlessly eat and pack on the pounds.

Now it is up to you to look at your choices. Begin by writing down everything that you eat and drink and the times of day, for a full month. Each week, see what you have been eating and drinking. Notice when you eat and drink. Pay attention to the emotions that you feel when you eat. Is there stress, or upset? Do you eat late in the day or night? How much are you eating at each meal? What are you craving? What do you do to fill that craving?

Creating a new eating plan must take in to account the amount of physical activity that you do each day. Beginning with breakfast, you need to create a healthy balance of fruits, protein and carbohydrates. Each eating plan needs to take your body’s needs into account. To design that contact a professional dietician or trainer to assist you with your individualized plan.

~John Seeley M.A.


Which choice outways the other? It’s up to you to look at your choices.


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