Fitness: Question Your Way to Success?

Begin by asking yourself, will I exercise today? could significantly boost your odds of successly fitting in a workout today. Even just a little bit of exercise can help you overcome your propensity to pack on pounds. Any movement – even walking briskly or just doing my 60 Second Soulution Workout – can offer some powerful results to improving your daily fitness lifestyle. 

People who use this questioning technique are much more likely to follow through with an intended healthy fitness behavior. In 1997 I had a near death experience as a result of a massive heart attack that was brought on by drugs, steroids, bulemia, and eventually anorexia. I had been involved in the early years of the evolution of bodybuilding and fitness and was seeking to fit in by trying to meet up to the expectations of the perfect body and perfect beauty. Shortly after I hit bottom, gained 97 pounds and wound up homeless on the streets. When I ended up homeless on the streets. I asked myself the question. ” How can this make me better?”  I felt an immediate shift inside. I grew from the experience, and since I was homeless in the Sequoia National Forest, I learned about nature and how we can gain energy from it. I grew in ways that could never have happened otherwise. Mary Morrissey says, “it is always about asking the right questions.”

Questions immediately change what we’re focusing on and therefore how we feel. If you keep asking questions like “How come this always happens to me?” or “Why am I fat or overweight?” you will focus on, look for, and find references to back up the idea that there is a reason for why challenges always happen to you and that you are fat and overweight. As a result, you’ll stay in those un-productive states. If instead you ask, “How can I change my state so that I am feeling happy and am being more lovable,” you’ll focus on SOULlutions.  When you stop to ask yourself a specific question – like do I need another piece of bread right now? – you recognize that you have a choice, and that leads to a healthier decisions.

I learned many valuable lessons on my own journey of self discovery and learning to ask the right questions; lessons to share with others, and help others walking in those shoes. The experience gave me ingredients to a recipe. The key is to KNOW the answers are always there, and the questions we receive are often determined by the questions we ask. The more specific, clear, motivating questions we ask the better answers we receive.

I learned the problems I faced in life were often an error in thinking, and if I really wanted to create a shift in my life; when I turned away from the appearance of the struggle, or adversity I faced and placed my attention on what it was I really wanted, the right people, and the right opportunities always showed up to help me moved forward. Many times these solutions, goals, and opportunities showed up either immediately, or within days.


Begin to make questions a part of your daily life for personal success. By creating the habit of asking constant clear, specific questions to yourself, you will discover you have access within you to your most empowering emotional states on a regular basis, and you’ll begin to create the expectation to receive answers to these emotions of happiness, excitement, pride, gratitude, joy, commitment, and love.

Why Questions?

By asking yourself clear, specific questions about what you really want, believe and be open to receiving the answers in infinite ways you may have never imagined. You will receive the information you ask!



By Sherry Gideons

Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Life Mastery Consultant, RScP Spiritual Practitioner, Retired Pro athlete, International Speaker, author and Radio Show host.






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