“Fear Can be Stopped from Sabotaging Your Comeback?”

Fear is one of those things many people run from, or deny whatever they fear exists. Fear can be stopped from sabotaging your comeback. If you don’t face your fears, you can’t overcome them.  

It is important to be conscious of our fear.  Often times our fear is subconscious. So look at your results in your life.  Where are you stuck?  Where are your goals and the results far apart? Look and see if there is something involved that you are afraid of?  Ask yourself what benefit are you getting by remaining stuck?  Common benefits are you don’t have to change, risk or apply yourself to remain stuck.  Everything you want and don’t have is outside your comfort zone. In other words you have to be willing to be uncomfortable to create new results.

Once you realize what’s been going on, you can take new steps to address the blocks.  Some of the common fears are of failure, success, rejection, loss, looking bad, pain, and the biggest, the unknown.  If you tried and failed at something before, you may have a subconscious aversion to risking again. It’s all how you look at the “failure.” If you look at it as a learning experience, then you can try again from a place of experience.  If you recall just the pain of the experience, you need to let that go.  I suggest people release the judgment you have had about it or yourself.   I use a process called the Soul Letter, which is in my first book, Get Unstuck! The Simple guide to Restart Your Life.  

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The key to unblocking yourself is to focus on what you desire.  What is it that you really want to create? Create a specific plan to reach your goal.  Build in guideposts to keep you on track.  Find someone to hold you accountable to meet your deadlines.  Build in rewards along the way to your goal. These keep your subconscious working with you to make these results happen even faster. Know that whatever you encounter is a learning experience and offers opportunity for you to grow.  Break your goals down into small achievable tasks.  Each week review your progress and see where you need to adjust.  Build support around you for the times when you feel overwhelmed or challenged.  You will reach your goals as long as you keep on believing that you can.

John Seeley M.A.




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